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Wiaan from Caledon
6/19/2024 6:00:50 PM
Can you play a afrikaans song, vir jou oor jou
Js Akhil from Kottarakkara, Kerala
6/19/2024 6:00:08 PM
Play Stone by Queen
Marius from Germany
6/16/2024 1:54:59 PM
Mobile application on the way for our station, what kind of features shall include beside music and messages? What you would like to experience with AI Radio?
Flavie Haag from Lomira, Wisconsin
6/16/2024 1:53:04 PM
play niviro - guardian of angel
Jacob from Orangeburg South Carolina
6/14/2024 3:46:11 PM
What ai shows are there?
Ali from Baku
6/12/2024 10:38:42 PM
I want to know how the weather is in baku
James from -
6/10/2024 3:00:13 PM
Wooow.. It was awesome!
Jacob Kirsh from Charlotte, North Carolina
6/10/2024 2:02:25 PM
Can I request a song?
aerthur from fairford
6/9/2024 12:57:03 PM
hi arthur
chris from york
6/7/2024 8:53:45 PM
hello everybody!